If you’re looking for the best air mattress for camping or the best air bed for everyday use or even a guest air bed, you may want to read some of our air mattress reviews.

We have bought and used so many air mattresses and air beds, including very good ones that are comfortable and durable, and very bad ones that didn’t last any time at all. If we were to give any advice, it’s that don’t let advertising get the better of you.

You can find a good air mattress or raised air bed from the highest rated air mattresses that we reviewed here. As with many products, even the best air beds have their flaws and we will be sure to highlight them for you in our air bed reviews.

Best Air Mattress Reviews 2015 – Quick Links

Here are some quick links to our air mattress reviews that we have managed to compile so far. There will be more to come soon so stay tuned to our blog.

Choosing the Best Air Mattress

We have been enjoying our camping trips more ever since we got the best camping air mattress to replace the sleeping bags and the poor quality air mattresses after that. Sleeping under the stars or even in a tent is so much more comfortable with an air mattress. You’d have to try it out to understand.

There are different considerations to be made when buying an air mattress to be used outdoors and indoors. Some people even use one as an everyday bed, and this include people with back pain, so comfort and stability are important in an air bed.

Read on about the best air mattresses for indoors and outdoors.

Best Air Mattress for Camping / Outdoors

The most important criteria in a camping air mattress is the material it is made of, as you don’t want it to be damaged easily when roughing it out in the wild.

You’d also not want to end up on the ground in the morning like how it happened to us once when the air mattress leaked. A good sturdy material makes the best camping air mattress.

However, a sturdy and thick material may mean added weight to your backpack, so you’ll have to compromise. It’s better to be safe than sorry anyway. We never leave anything to chance, which is why we always carry an extra patch kit so if we are ever plagued with an accidental puncture, the kit would really come in handy. This is an excellent patch kit you can pick up if you’d like.

Cheap Air Mattress for Camping

If you’re always camping or backpacking in a group or family, you may choose to salvage a few bucks by choosing the air mattresses without built-in pumps which are cheaper. This also takes some weight off your back as everybody can share one manual or electric pump for inflating all the air mattresses. Most air mattresses without a built-in pump usually have the same sized valve.

Both air mattresses and raised air beds are fine for camping, but some would prefer an air mattress with a frame so that they can sleep off of the ground. The only problem with an air mattress with a frame is its height so be sure it fits into your tent before purchasing it. Read my review for the best air mattress with frame.

You’ll want air mattresses with flocked surfaces which are really comfortable to sleep on on its own, but always remember to bring bed sheets for your air mattress when you go camping because ALL the air mattresses are cold at night. The flocked surfaces also help keep your bed linen in place.

Best Air Bed for Indoors

Most of us choose our beds by size, and it’s the same with the air beds for daily or long term use or for guests. There are twin air beds and queen air beds, but it’s rare to see a king size air mattress or full size air mattress.

We usually refer to a raised air mattress as an air bed, and the usual one as an air mattress. A raised air bed is higher or thicker than the normal air mattress, and resembles a traditional mattress.

For people who have back pain or who wants to have a sleeping experience that is closer to a conventional bed, the raised air bed would be the best mattress for back pain. Raised air beds are easier to get into and get out of compared to regular air mattresses. However, they are less suitable for camping or travel as the air beds are bulkier and heavier than regular air mattresses.

Best Air Bed for Everyday Use

Air beds would make ideal guest beds or even everyday beds. You’ll be looking forward to hours of uninterrupted amazing sleep. You’ll like those air beds with built-in or internal pumps that automatically inflate or deflate the air bed when you turn a switch. The best air beds even have sensors that regulate the air in the mattress according to your comfort setting. Of course, all these features add to the price.

The InstaBed is one of the best air beds for everyday use. This air mattress features a never flat pump which ensures you never wake up lying on a flat air mattress. You may also want to look at Intex air mattresses for a budget buy.

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Best Air Mattress Brands

We love the top brands like Aerobed, Coleman and Intex, who have plenty of good air mattresses or air beds to suit everybody, and we also love the newcomers like Insta-Bed, SoundAsleep, Fox Air Beds and Serta. Here are some of the best air mattresses or best air beds that we’ve used or tested and love.

More air bed reviews to come soon, we promise. Meanwhile, here’s a video to show you how to patch up your air mattress if it leaks.

Good luck finding your best air mattress!