Traveling with your toddler? The Aerobed Sleep Tight Inflatable Bed is the best air mattress for kids. This air mattress measuring 50 by 25 is specifically designed for children. Surrounded by a cushion 4 inch in height, you can be sure that your toddler is safe and no chance for him or her to roll over onto the floor.

aerobed sleep tight for kids

The Aerobed Sleep Tight for kids comes with a nice thick and washable sheet and an AC pump that will inflate the air mattress in a matter of seconds and deflating couldn’t be any easier too. Not to mention it can be easily folded and fitted into a carry bag after use. When packed, the bag, the bed, pump and the sheet all weigh just slightly above 11 lbs and my kid can even carry it himself, giving him the satisfaction of knowing he’s responsible for his own camping gear.

Best Air Mattress for Kids for Camping and Traveling

The air mattress has been tested and came out as tough and durable and can support up to 295 kilograms (kgs). I have tested this air mattress myself and found that it supported my weight well, which means that my kid will have no trouble sleeping on it. This is definitely the best air mattress for kids whether for camping, traveling or even at a friend’s for sleepover.

The Aerobed Sleep Tight for kids is a friendly inflatable air mattress for air travel too. I have packed this air mattress innumerable times in our luggage and it’s compact enough to fit. It assures a comfortable night’s sleep for my kid and it fits neatly next to a big bed in a hotel room.

Looking from the sales, this air mattress for kids has totally hit hard going for less than $80 on Amazon. It has grabbed the interest of many parents judging from the positive comments. One particular couple described their experience of how they used to look for a baby sitter for their children when they travel. They had more than enough struggle trying to keep their child in his coat let alone camping bed. Their problem was solved once they got the Aerobed Sleep Tight for their toddler.

Good Outdoor Air Mattress

Does the Aerobed Sleep Tight for kids make good outdoor air mattress? Like I said, my kid enjoys carrying it to all our camping trips. Aerobed seems to have taken keen measures to ensure its durability even for outdoor use. The Aerobed Sleep Tight for kids fit in fine in our large tent together with our queen air mattress.

If you really want to travel with young children without having all the trouble of planning a sleeping arrangement, this air mattress for kids is a must-have. Check out the price here.

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