When it comes to air mattresses for camping, Coleman air mattress sets the benchmark of superior standards over similar air mattresses and air beds available in the market. What truly sets them apart is the company’s policy of not compromising with quality while trying to save production cost. Instead, I’ve seen their products continually upgraded while the price is maintained as far as possible.

Coleman air mattress is one of the most popular air mattress brands today. They are made of some of the best materials and with good and consistent quality. The construction of the air beds are sturdy with double-lock valves that are extremely reliable without the least chance of any air leakage when inflated.

Their air mattresses have a luxurious soft and rich feel about it, I’ve had restful sleep every time I use a Coleman air bed, whether at home or while camping. I’ve used Coleman air beds for guests holidaying at my home who cannot be accommodated on regular beds and for kids during their sleepover parties too, but I particularly love using Coleman air mattresses for camping because of their durable material.

My Coleman air mattresses could be inflated easily; in fact some models come with a pump combo. They also have a patented Wrap N’ Roll designed storage system to ease storing in shelves within the least space. The raised air beds come with elevation in three layers when fully inflated, giving it the feel of a regular bed as if you are lying on your own bed. They also have a patented coil system that provides excellent support to keep the air mattresses firm without any ‘sink spots’.

Coleman Quickbed Double High

Coleman Double-High Quickbed
The Coleman Quickbed air mattress comes higher than other air mattresses, and gives a feeling of not sleeping on the floor, but on a regular standing bed. It is covered with extremely luxuriant suede, giving it that luxurious and soft feel. It has an in-built pump for inflating the air mattress quickly, and the double lock valves ensure that the air bed remains inflated as long as you want it. It also comes with a carry bag for ease of storage. Check the price here.

Coleman EasyStay Single High

Coleman EasyStay Single High Airbed
Another great product from the Coleman stable is the EasyStay Single High air mattress. It is versatile, and is great for both outdoor and indoor use. I love how the internal coils support the air mattress and make it feel firm when inflated, and the soft cover on top is comfortable even without sheets and has a soft and rich feel about it. It is preferred by people who like firm and stable air mattresses for a good night’s sleep. Check the price here.

Coleman 4-in-1 Quickbed

Coleman 4 in 1 quickbed
The Coleman 4-in-1 is a versatile air mattress that can be used as twin air mattresses that are separate, zipped together to make a king size air mattress, or stacked on top of each other to make a twin air bed that is double-high. It has all the other standard features that come with Coleman air mattresses, and is a great air mattress to own if you often camp out with different people.

What truly sets the Coleman air mattress apart is the price at which it comes. The value of this mattress far outweigh the retail price at which it is sold. In fact, it is the best camping air mattress for the money. Check the price here.

I also like that Coleman’s customer support is always efficient and timely, and they stand firmly behind guarantees which are provided when selling their products.

My rating on Coleman air mattresses? 10 out of 10, every time!

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