Fox Air Beds makes some tough and yet comfortable air mattresses. If you’re looking for guest bed for elderly people or an affordable air mattress to reduce back pain, the Fox Air Beds does the job and so much more.

There is only one model of air mattress by Fox Air Beds, the Plush High Rise Air Mattress, and it comes in king, queen, twin XL and full (double) size. I noticed that the Fox Air Beds made their air beds true to size. Tall people will really appreciate the exact 80-inch length that is so rare in air beds nowadays.

Fox Airbeds Plush High Rise Twin Air Mattress

The Fox AirBeds use an air flow design to create a flat and supportive surface for the sleeper. Paired with the chambers, this allows the air mattress to handle more weight and prevent any sagging. I tested the king sized air mattress with Joe and when one of us tossed and turned, the bed stays firm and stable. No bouncing around!

Durable and Strong

Fox Air Beds use a vinyl that the company claims to be thicker than competition. Their thick vinyl undoubtedly helps avoid punctures and keep the air in. This also means that the seams and the inner chambers are stronger and will last longer. On the downside, the thick material overall contributes to the weight so these air beds are not really suitable for backpackers or campers.

You could still use this air mattress for camping if you camp nearby your house or drive right up to your campsite. The two pump valves allow you to choose from using the built-in electric pump that requires plugging into an outlet or using an external, handheld or electric pump.

The built in pump also deflates the air bed down to zero air, so we found it was really easy folding up the air mattress after use. Similarly, you could deflate it using a hand pump as well. The duffel bag that is included is of rather cheap quality though, I suggest getting a better duffel bag if you need to use it often.

Hands-On Experience Using a Fox Air Bed

We inflated our king size Fox Air Bed and tested it for a week. After inflating it, we rolled on it, slept on it, and even tried bouncing up and down lightly. Surprisingly, the air bed held the air for the week and at the end of it, it was just as firm as we first pumped it up.

best king size air mattress

I love how the air bed is so big and comfortable, and my deep bed sheets fitted it just right! We bought this air mattress with the gel foam mattress topper which came in a set, and it was a good deal. The mattress topper is a comfortable 2-inch thick, which made us feel as if we were sleeping on our normal bed.

Here’s where you can look at the different sizes of Fox Air Beds and their best prices. The Fox Air Beds are not among the cheapest air beds you can get, but you do get value for money with their quality. In any case there is a 90 day warranty which is a safeguard against getting a dud.

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