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Intex Air Mattress Reviews

Intex air mattress is a reliable and rather inexpensive alternative to other top air mattress brands available widely. The models have been engineered and quality checked to provide restful sleep each time, and can be compared to traditional in-home mattresses for their comfort level. The foam that is used in the air mattresses is of lavish standards and the locking has a plush and rich feel about it. They also come with an air pocket system that is interconnected along with in-built pillow rests.

Intex air mattresses are available in options of everyday air beds, outdoor air mattresses, DuraBeam, and Real-Tree variants. They are further categorized into full, twin, and queen air mattresses. Here some of the best Intex air beds or air mattresses we recommend.

Intex RealTree Twin Air Mattress

intex real tree twin size

The RealTree models come in several sizes but we like the twin size air mattress. All models share one thing in common – they have a outdoorsy look that’s perfect for camping. The color scheme matches well with nature and makes you feel as if you’re sleeping in the wild. Too bad we still have to place a bed sheet over it. The twin RealTree is durable and comfortable. It has always maintained its shape despite repeated use.

The best part is that it comes with a battery pump that also works on other air mattresses. The RealTree Intex air mattress fits easily into a tote bag, and can be stored easily into a camping bag, or in the carrier of your car. We also like that the twin size RealTree Intex air mattress is actually big enough to accommodate a large adult quite easily without compromising on comfort at all!

When out camping, the air mattress can also be inflated through a car lighter and a converter gadget to plug for inflation at 12v supply. It is so easy to use! Check out the price on Amazon here.

Intex Raised Downy Air Mattress

Intex Raised Downy Airbed
The Intex Raised Downy air mattress is considered one of the best air mattresses for the money. It comes in a queen size, and has a sturdy valve to its air pump with a hatch that closes firmly when the pump is not in use. This ensures that there is absolutely no leakage of air as long as it remains inflated.

Vinyl beams help keep the air mattress upright and stable while the flocked top provide some friction to keep the bed sheets in place. The air mattress is comfortable to sleep on and doesn’t leak air. It is light when fully inflated is a tall 22-inch height. It is very economically priced, which in itself is a big enough reason for its wide popularity. I felt that for this price it’s very hard to get a queen air mattress that is comparable to the Intex.

Check out the price on Amazon here.

If you are looking for cheap air beds or air mattresses, Intex is the brand you’d want to check out. The quality is consistent and the prices are always lower than other brands for the same range of air mattresses. A very good buy on a budget, we think!

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Intex Raised Downy Air Mattress – Cheap Queen Air Bed

If you are looking for a cheap queen air bed, the Intex Raised Downy Air Mattress is a great air mattress that incorporates all the features of a top end air mattress, yet comes at a very reasonable price. It has an electric pump that is inbuilt which can deflate or inflate the air mattress within a matter of minutes.
Intex Raised Downy Queen Air Bed
Good for Both Indoors and Outdoors

It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and when you are out camping and lack an outlet it can also be inflated by a foot-operated pump, or you could use your 12v car lighter if you have a converter. These are the essential features that you would look for in a good air mattress, portability and ease of operations, and the Intex Raised Downy Air Mattress offers all this.

One more essential feature to look for in an air mattress is the comfort that it provides. Other than being 22 inches above the floor which gives you a real ‘bed-like’ feeling, the Intex Downy Queen air bed also has two separate chambers to provide comfort and extra support.

The lower chamber works like a box spring to give support, while the upper chamber is flocked and has coils like springs in a regular bed mattress to provide the utmost comfort. The height of the inflated mattress is one great feature that will surprise you since most other air mattresses inflate to only 18 inches above the floor. The extra inches makes getting into and out from the air bed a lot easier, especially for older people or people with back pain.

The air mattress also has a notch to let you fit in sheets over its flocked surface to ensure that they remain secure when you sleep on it.

Can’t Beat the Cheap Price

And when it comes to price, you simply cannot get a queen size air bed better than the Intex Raised Downy Air Mattress! Its price is so incredibly cheap that you will start wondering how the manufacturer can afford selling it at that price despite it having the features of the more expensive air beds.

Perhaps the quality of the material used to make this cheap queen air bed isn’t top notch and may not last as long as the expensive air beds, but the comfort of sleeping on it isn’t compromised.

Not Really Long Lasting

The downsides of the air mattress are few. Storing the air bed after use might be a problem sometimes because of the small bag provided, and some amount of innovative thinking might be required to fold it into the bag.

So if you are looking for a real cheap queen sized air bed as a temporary bed or camping air bed, the Intex Raised Downy Air Mattress is what you should be going for. It is a great buy at that price and you just can’t find any better below $50! Check out this air bed here.

For a more long lasting queen size air bed, you may want to look at the best queen air bed for everyday use or this camping queen air mattress. Go back to my main page for more options.


Intex Deluxe Pillow Rest – Cheap Twin Air Bed

The plush yet sturdy Intex Deluxe Pillow Rest Raised Airbed is a great twin size air bed that comes at a real cheap price. Its raised pillow rest is really convenient (no more falling pillows!), and with its sturdy outer layer and flocked top inner air mattress, it also provides you the stability and comfort than no other air mattress at the same price can provide.

Intex Deluxe Pillow Rest Raised Airbed

Raised Air Bed with Pillow

The best feature of this air mattress that you are going to absolutely love is that the air bed is elevated at 19 inches from the floor. It also has an inbuilt pillow to add to your comfort. I like the pillow rest because it means I don’t have to use my own pillow and the pillow rest is fixed so it’s not going to go anywhere in the middle of the night!

Twin size sheets fit this air bed well. The flocking on the air mattress is waterproof, so maintaining it and keeping it clean gets a lot more easier for you.

Convenient Inflating

The inbuilt pump is another great advantage for those who don’t have an external pump. Having a pump with the air bed  The pump has enough power to inflate the air mattress within 2 minutes and you can actually do this at the mere touch of a button. There’s also a button to adjust the firmness of the air mattress.

builtin pump

However, do check that you have inflated the air mattress to its maximum on your first use. If the air bed is not shaped like pictured when pumped up, it’s possible that you haven’t inflated it enough. Also, as all air beds have a bit of give in its vinyl, some extra air will be needed a few hours after the initial pump.

The sides and bottom are supported with vinyl beams that provide adequate and comfortable support. Since vinyl tends to loosen over time, you need to carefully watch the air mattress if you are using it for more than a few days. Any sag can be corrected by re-pumping it to the max.

The air bed supports up to 300 pounds, so a heavy adult can sleep comfortably in the air mattress without fearing that it will burst open or sunk in the air mattress in the middle of the night!

Very Affordable Twin Size Air Bed

And as is true with all Intex air mattresses, the best thing about this twin raised pillow rest model is its price. It is absolutely and unbelievably cheap, and you will be surprised that you can own a twin size air bed with all the features of a top-end product at that price!

Any similar model will cost at least one-and-a-half times, if not more. But that doesn’t mean that Intex compromises quality in any way. The material used in constructing the air mattress and the construct itself is so robust and dependable that it gets evident Intex is not trying to cut corners and save money. They are obviously trying to offer you the best and keeping a fraction as profit for themselves.

Their logic is perhaps to capture a larger market share and make profit through bulk sales rather than making money through individual air mattress sales. Whatever their marketing logic be, you are the ultimate beneficiary as long as you are getting a great air mattress at a real bargain price!

So if you are looking for a twin size raised air bed, the Intex Deluxe Pillow Rest is a preferred choice and what I recommend. It is trustworthy because of its brand, dependable because of its construction, comfortable because of its excellent flocking and support, and dirt cheap because of its price with all the features that top brands offer. I am sure you are not going to regret your decision even for one day after buying it!

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