Insta-Bed air mattresses are really remarkable. I get a good night’s sleep and not once have I ever woken up and found my bed deflated. If you are looking for an air mattress for everyday use, look no further. The Insta-Bed is one of the most comfortable air beds you can find on the market.

Amazing Firmness Control

Insta-Bed has only air mattresses in the twin size and the queen size. All of Insta-Bed air mattresses come with a built in pump so all you need to do is plug the air bed in and turn on the switch. The air mattress takes less than 5 minutes to inflate completely. This however varies based on your hardness setting. The built in pump honestly takes convenience to a different level.

The feature that really sets Insta-Bed air mattresses apart from the crowd is their NeverFlat pump. We all know when it comes to air mattresses, there’s always a risk that you can wake up on the ground. Insta-Bed has a countermeasure for this plight.

The secondary pump which is more like a sensor ensures that your bed is kept at your preferred firmness setting throughout the night without deflating. This is done by topping up air in the air bed automatically whenever the level of firmness is detected to be low.

Its auto shut off feature also keeps pressure in check so when it reaches your setting, it will shut off and only pump air if there is a shift in air pressure in the air mattress.

Easy Storage

The built in pump also deflates the air bed quickly and completely so it can be folded up and stored away with ease. This did save me a lot of time. With some of the other air mattresses that I’ve tested I had to plug in external pumps and even then they may not deflate completely.

Most Insta-Bed air mattresses come with a carry bag or case that is rugged enough to be used outdoors.

Insta-Bed Air Mattress Reviews

Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress

insta-bed queen air mattress with built in pump
This is the best air mattress if you have back pain and wants the air bed to stay firm throughout the night. The Insta-Bed signature technology maintains comfort and ensure the air mattress stays full as you sleep.

The queen air mattress with built in pump inflates within 4 minutes which is quite fast. The queen size comes in three models that are the regular queen, the queen with a headboard and the queen with pillow top.

There is also a twin size option available but if an everyday bed replacement is what you’re looking for, head straight for the queen sized air mattress with a headboard because it is the closest it gets to an old fashioned bed.

Insta-Bed Raised Twin Air Mattress

There are three hardness settings that you can choose. I love the plush setting best because it feels like I’m able to sink into my slumber sooner. The queen and twin size air beds have different number of air coils that support me excellently no matter what hardness setting I choose.

Read my full review for this best queen air bed for everyday use or check the price of the queen size and twin size models here.

Insta-Bed EZ Queen Air Mattress

instabed air mattress with frame
It’s amazing how sometimes big things do come in small packages. I was amazed at how a compact duffel bag on wheels could house a queen sized air mattress. Use it as a guest bed or take it on the road with you.

This air mattress with a frame comes with an AC pump that is built in. There is an auto shut off feature that cuts off the air once your desired firmness setting is reached, so that you don’t have to guess or wait around to test the firmness.

The self deploying frame is a nice touch. It eliminates the risk of punctures while laying the air mattress on the floor and also raises the air mattress higher for easier getting in and out of. It is very easy to open up the frame, plug the cable into the AC outlet and let it fill up on its own.

Check out the price here.

Instabed Stow-n-Go

Instabed Stow n Go
If I were to recommend a good air mattress that could be used on an RV and is super versatile, it would be the Insta-Bed Stow n Go. This twin size Insta-Bed air mattress comes with a built in pump that inflates and deflates fast. The best part is how portable it is. This air mattress weighs very little and fits perfectly in the duffel bag it comes with.

The built in pump runs on 4D batteries that inflates the air mattress in under 2 minutes and deflates it even more quickly. The power of the batteries seemed to be sufficient to get the air mattress firm enough, though you may have to top up some air after the very first inflation as the material stretches a little.

I felt it was a shame that unlike the two models above, this model did not include the NeverFlat pump. On the bright side, it’s really affordable. Check out the price here.

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