Camping air mattresses may not be comfy enough to be used daily and bulky air beds may not be rugged or travel-friendly enough to be used outdoor, which is why SoundAsleep got it right by producing two series of air mattresses. The SoundAsleep Dream Series are meant for indoor use and the Camping Series are made for the rough outdoors. With a signature blue and white color scheme, this eco-friendly company is taking the air mattress industry by a storm.

I have tried using both the SoundAsleep Dream series and Camping series air mattresses and I was impressed. Their air coils provided me the support needed for a good night’s sleep and yet it was soft enough to be comfortable. Even with the low profile Camping series, I have not once woken up with back pain.

SoundAsleep air mattresses also included a soft top flocking that is not just waterproof but gives a velvety feel to the air mattress that is really nice to sleep on. I like that the material that made their air mattresses is eco-friendly and will not harm the environment when it eventually degrades.

SoundAsleep air mattress has a simple built in pump that helps you easily inflate and deflate it. Just a turn of the dial will start the pump and both inflation and deflation takes less than 3 minutes to complete, which is pretty fast. The carrying case lets you roll up and store the air mattress with ease.

SoundAsleep Air Mattress Reviews

SoundAsleep Dream Series
soundasleep dream series queen air mattress with built in pump
If you’re looking for a guest bed or a temporary replacement for your everyday bed, you should give the Dream series a look. These air beds, whether queen size or twin size, are really comfortable and among the best air mattresses in the market.

This SoundAsleep air bed mattress uses a 15 gauge puncture resistant material that adds to its longevity, is waterproof, and has a built-in-pump. I like that the built in pump has an anti-leakage valve so air that goes in will not escape. The air beds are tall enough for those who have difficulty bending down or those with back pain.

I also like the study construction with the bottom grip so when I’m sleeping on the SoundAsleep air beds, there isn’t a lot of wobbling or moving about. Check out the SoundAsleep Dream Series Queen size and Twin size air mattresses here.

SoundAsleep Camping Series
SoundAsleep Camping Series Air Mattress
Aside from being portable and lightweight, this air mattress has comfort coils that are even more durable compared to SoundAsleep’s regular coils. We have the queen size camping air mattress from SoundAsleep and it’s our favorite camping air mattress. It held air for many days and we never had to top it up with the pump.

The air mattress comes with an external pump that is rechargeable even by car charger, which is great if you forgot to charge it before heading out!

The camping series air mattresses also have the bottom grip which prevents it from moving around once inflated. Together with the carry bag, this air mattress is a perfect companion for a camping trip. Check out the SoundAsleep Camping Series Queen size air mattress here.