For your perfect wilderness outdoor camping trips or those crazy weekend outings with family and friends, the SoundAsleep Camping Series Air Mattress is your best choice when you want to use a queen size air mattress outdoors. Its sturdy construction makes it extremely durable to withstand the rough and wild with great ease and unparalleled aplomb!
SoundAsleep Camping Series Air MattressRugged and Designed for Camping

The SoundAsleep Camping Series Air Mattress is made of extra strong and thick material to withstand the rough of outdoors. Its queen size gives us enough space for two, and we can sleep comfortably without needing to make adjustments. Our total weight did not add up to much, but if you’re concerned, this air mattress is able to hold up to 500 lbs.

We found that the top is extra flocked for comfort, though we always prefer to use bed sheets on our air mattresses there are some who like to sleep on the air mattress as it is. If you used a bed sheet make sure the sheet is meant for thin mattresses so that it fits better.

Comfortable in Tent

The air mattress is also waterproofed to withstand drizzle or rain just in case the air mattress gets wet. This queen size air mattress has a firm grip on the ground so it doesn’t slide when you turn or re-position yourself during sleep. This feature, coupled with an air mattress height of approximately 9 inches from the ground when fully inflated makes sleeping a great experience despite being outdoors. This height is just about ideal when camping out in tents.

Also, the pump fills in air rather fast, within 2 or 3 minutes max, so you needn’t wait a long time to set up your air bed after a long day out in the wild. It can also be deflated and folded easily inside the carry case for use until next time.

Easy Charge Pump

Its external pump comes with a rechargeable battery which makes inflation an easy process. This takes out the looking for a power source to fill in the air. Just in case you have forgotten to charge the battery before leaving home, you can still charge it with your car charger or lighter console. This is one feature that makes it ideal for outdoor use where you are not restricted by your camping site, and can make your bed anywhere you want to set up camp!
People who have used it have nothing much to complain about. The battery may take some time to charge, and the air mattress might go a little ‘limp’ after the first night; the manufacturer says this has more to do with plastic stretch than valve leakage, which makes sense. After that we found that it maintained firmness over several days.

Anyway, it is always easy to top off air periodically to maintain the air mattress to your preferred pressure setting. Other than that, if you dislike the plastic smell when it is first unwrapped, you can set the air mattress aside for a few days until the smell wears off before using it the first time.

Other than its great features that are simply tailor-made for outdoors, what sets this brand apart is its excellent after sales service. If you happen to call the company for any service, you might be surprised with the friendliness of the support team. They go at great length to establish a personal rapport with their clients, and this is surely going to give you assurance that no matter what, you have bought the most reliable product available in the market and are in safe hands.

So when it comes to selecting the best camping queen size air bed, the SoundAsleep Camping Series Air Mattress is miles ahead of competition by any standards solely by virtue of its design and durability. If you are that sort of a person who craves outdoors and wants your partner to accompany you during those trips, this queen size air mattress is your perfect fit!

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