The twin SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress is the best twin air bed you are gong to get in the market, despite other similar brands costing twice or even thrice the price at which it is sold. It is manufactured with the highest quality durable material which makes it resistant to all punctures and leakages, and its inbuilt pump, that features an anti-leakage valve, restricts all outward flow of air from the nozzle, preventing deflation even after you use it extensively.
SoundAsleep Dream Series Twin Air Bed

Raised From the Floor for Extra Comfort

Its extra height and innovation of design makes it all the more comfortable. With its higher support coil density within the air mattress, it provides you with uniform weight distribution, and lets you sleep unhindered through the night to wake up rejuvenated and refreshed each time.

The SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress can be inflated or deflated within a couple of minutes, it’s so fast! And all you got to do is push a button and the pump does the rest of the work after you have set it to the firmness level you want. The surface of the air mattress is flocked and thick, providing the extra comfort when you sleep on it. This material is waterproof, so it can be used for camping safely and still washed easily.

The bottom of the bed is designed in a way that makes it grip the ground firmly so that it doesn’t slide around when you turn in the air mattress during your sleep. It is also sufficiently high for ease of your elderly guests who may have trouble getting in and out of low slung beds. You can also easily fold it and store it away in a bag until you use it the next time.

Leave It Out to Rid of Plastic Smell

In fact, the air mattress is so comfortable and easy to use that you may want to dump your existing one and use this instead!
The cons in this air mattress are few. When using it for the first time, there may be some plastic smell emanating from it. So it’s always prudent to take it out of the bag and air it for a few days until all plastic smell is gone before sleeping on it if you really hate that smell!

Some users complained that it leaked air after sometime, but I’ve used mine for months without more than the usual gradual lost of firmness over a few days, which could easily be fixed by turning the pump on for a few seconds. Perhaps they had punctured the air mattress somewhere?

If you are looking for a twin air mattress that holds air well, is comfortable, has an excellent pump, is easy to store and handle, and is made of the finest material, then SoundAsleep Dream Series Twin Air Mattress is the one that you should be buying. It is sturdy in construction, is extremely durable, and comes in an excellent design that blends easily with your other bedroom furniture.

The company also offers excellent after sales service and guarantee. This is the most important thing to look for when buying a new air mattress, since any compromise in that department will make you cry foul in case you need to call warranty to fix something. And all this comes at an excellent price! SoundAsleep Dream Series Twin is your best twin air mattress to buy.

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