If you like standard air mattresses for less bounciness in the night and raised air beds for easy getting into, an air mattress with frame gives you the best of both worlds.

The frame elevates the air mattress to the height of a real bed, so if you have back pain or difficulty bending down you’ll find the height just right for you to swing your legs to the floor and sit up just like in a regular bed.

For our parents sleeping over our place occasionally, we wanted them to sleep comfortably but a regular queen size bed is too much space for us to give up for good. We rolled out our Coleman camping cot for them once and they seemed to like it, so in the end we upgraded to the Insta-Bed air mattress with frame.

Best Air Mattress With Frame for Guests

Insta-Bed EZ Bed is similar to the Serta EZ Air Mattress but the latter comes at a slightly higher price. We saw both the air mattresses with their frames, and there was no substantial difference between the two. Both are great air mattresses that come in one piece with the frame and included a built in pump.
instabed air mattress with frame

The EZ Bed is easy to roll out in its bag with wheels, unzipped and then unfolded together with the frame. Just plug it into the wall and turn the dial to inflate the air mattress. What I like is the second pump just like the Insta-Bed raised air bed; it has sensors to maintain the firmness of the air mattress automatically, so you don’t have to manually add air to the mattress when its firmness has decreased.

This air mattress is really firm and we could tell immediately that it is comfortable, however, I didn’t like sleeping on the little dents around the support air coils, so we put a thin mattress pad on top and that made it even more comfortable.

Although there’s no sagging and the air bed remains firm throughout several nights, it does move when one sleeper turns in sleep or gets up. This is perfectly normal as we haven’t found any air mattress that is capable of not doing that yet.

The only downside of this air bed with frame is the price. This is a rather expensive air mattress to buy but for our parents’ regular visits we felt it was worth it.

Best Air Mattress With Frame for Camping

best air mattress with frame for camping

For camping you may want to consider the Coleman Airbed Cot instead, because this air mattress with frame weighs lighter than the EZ Bed, and weighing at about 20 lbs, it’s not as light as other air mattresses without frame either.

We love using the Coleman air mattress with frame when we know the ground would be cold. The frame keeps us away from the cold ground and we managed to use the space beneath for storage, so we did not waste any space in the tent for the air bed.

We also came to love the side tables that we scorned at initially, but which proved to be useful for us to place our phones and small items.

The Coleman Cot comes in both queen size and twin size cots. Both take regular bed sheets nicely, and we always use bed linen because: 1) it’s more comfortable and feels like home; 2) it keeps us warmer; and 3) it helps mask any squeaky sounds the air mattress may make.

best twin air mattress with frame

For the Coleman air mattress you’ll need to use the included pump that is powered by 4D batteries, so make sure you pack the batteries before you head out.

The queen size Coleman air mattress with frame is cheaper than the EZ bed for the less luxurious features, but it’s certainly more suited for camping needs. For more camping air mattresses, check out my review on the best air mattress for camping or go back to my Best Air Mattress & Air Bed Reviews 2015 page.