Queen and twin are the most commonly manufactured and sold sizes for air mattresses. The double size or full size air mattress is an odd size between the twin size and the queen size, making it wide and comfortable for one adult who rolls around or tight but acceptable for two. It’s a good option for small spaces like a motor home or 2-person tent when you go camping.

Here are my recommendations for full size air beds. Do remember that there aren’t many full size air mattress models in the market, so these are based on the best among this particular size only.

Best Full Size Air Mattress

If you don’t need a really high rise air bed, the Intex Comfort Plush Dura-Beam Airbed is the best full size air mattress that gives great value and comfort for a very affordable price. Most Intex air mattresses are cheap, but this is one of the better quality ones with a built in pump.
Intex Comfort Plush Full Size Air bed
This 13-inch tall air mattress is really comfortable and doesn’t move or bounce a lot when fully inflated. You can easily plug in the cord and inflate or deflate it using the dial knob, but on the downside, an external pump cannot be used for this full size air mattress, so if you’re planning to use this for camping at a site without electricity, you may want to check out other good air mattresses for camping.

Inflating and deflating this air mattress take a mere couple of minutes. If you like your mattress soft and plushy, you could release some air with a quick turn to deflate after fully inflating the air mattress. When fully inflated, this air mattress is really firm and hard, but we found that it does lose a bit of air throughout the night.

I recommend getting this full size air mattress for a guest or kids coming over. Check out the price here.

Best Full Size Air Mattress for Camping

For camping you may want to look at the Coleman Quickbed full size air mattress. This is a low profile air mattress that is really portable and light, so with a battery pump you could set up camp anywhere. The pump is not included so you’ll need to buy either a Coleman pump or one that is compatible.
Coleman Quickbed Full size air mattress
The great thing about this air mattress is that it’s very affordable, and the material is good enough to last more than a year. At least, that’s how long we’ve used it for. It’s comfortable enough to camp on for a week or two, before the longing for a taller bed calls.

Remember to inflate and test the Quickbed out of the box as it is always possible with air mattresses that you may receive one with a defect or leak. We had one replaced immediately when we found that it didn’t keep air, and the second one was perfectly fine.

Check out the price here.

Another great full size air mattress for camping is the Mountain Trails Basic air mattress.
Mountain Trails Full size basic camp bed
This is also a great lightweight air mattress that works with an external electric or battery pump. The soft suede top makes it really nice to sleep on but we always use bed sheets and sometimes a mattress topper for extra comfort.

The valve is designed to keep the air in and the air mattress did hold air well for many days. The air coils provide good support and created a flat surface that is good for our back.

This full size air mattress also comes at a very affordable price.

Best Heavy Duty Full Size Air Mattress

SimplySleeper SS-58RF Full Size Air Bed
For a more durable material, the SimplySleeper SS-58RF is the full size air mattress to get. We’ve used air mattresses from SimplySleeper for many years, and they’re known to make really tough and hardy air beds compared to other brands. The only other brand I can think of that uses thick material for their air beds is the Fox Airbeds, but they don’t make full size air beds.

This air bed is taller than those above. At 18 inches, this is easy to get in and out of. If you’re looking for a full size air mattress as an everyday bed, this is probably a better choice than the Intex Comfort Plush recommended above as it’ll last longer. It can hold up to 600 pounds of total weight, and comes with a convenient built in pump.

This full size air mattress is much more expensive though. Here’s the best price.

If you want to consider more options, check out my best air mattress and air bed reviews.