Whether you need an air mattress for overnight guests or for your own daily use, it’s good to have one with a built-in pump as it’ll save a lot of hassle for you. One turn of the dial or switch in the air bed and it will automatically inflate or deflate itself in a few minutes.

Here I’ve listed out the best twin air mattresses with built in pump that you can consider.

Best Twin Air Mattress With Built In Pump

Insta-Bed Raised Twin Air Mattress
The Insta-Bed is one of my favorite air mattresses with its patented Never Flat pump. This high rise, twin air bed has not one but two pumps to keep your air bed inflated at your preferred firmness at all times.

One of the pumps is a normal one that you can turn and inflate or deflate the air mattress, while the other one is more of a sensor, which detects any loss of air during the night and adds air automatically when the air bed has soften.

This is the best twin air mattress with built in pump to consider if you are getting one for everyday use. It has support coils which make it really comfortable and sturdy to sleep on.

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Best Twin Air Mattress With Built In Pump Under $100

SoundAsleep Dream Series Twin Air Bed
For less than $100 you could get the SoundAsleep Dream Series Twin Air Mattress with built in pump, which is a tight competition for the Insta-Bed. In fact, my wife feels that this is the better twin air bed because it’s softer and it takes very little time to pump up.

The air coils help keep the air mattress flat and sturdy at its 18-inch height. We found that this twin air mattress doesn’t lose air over a few days after the initial stretch of the material, which was very little.

If you want a twin air mattress with built in pump to accommodate guests and don’t want to pay over $100, the SoundAsleep Dream Series is the one to get.

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Most Durable Twin Air Mattress With Built In Pump

SimplySleeper SS-47T
Camp goers or whoever wants to find a single high twin air mattress that is made of scratch-proof and durable material, the SimplySleeper SS-47T is your thing. This twin air mattress comes with a built-in pump, which is rare in single high twin air mattresses.

Our family friend who is a cat owner testifies that this air mattress survived his cat’s advances, though he did put bed sheets over it. A couple of reviewers who bought this actually used it when they served in the war a few years ago, hats off to them.

For normal people like us, this twin air mattress blows up easily and quickly, and is really comfortable to sleep on, though you’ll definitely want some bedding on it to prevent the material from making squeaky sounds when you turn in your sleep.

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Most True to Size Twin Air Mattress With Built In Pump

Fox Airbeds Plush High Rise Twin Air Mattress
What tall people hate most about air mattresses is that they don’t come true to their size. The Fox Airbeds Plush High Rise Twin Air Mattress boasts an exact 80-inch length and this means you won’t have to feel uncomfortable with your feet too close to the end of the bed.

The Fox Airbeds Plush air mattress is made of a thick vinyl that lasts. This helps keep the air in so there isn’t a need to top up the air often. I love how the pump quickly inflates the air mattress to its full size, and it also deflates the air mattress completely so you can roll it away.

The downside is that this twin air bed is heavy, so you might not want to buy it for camping, and the storage bag included is not sturdy enough for this entire piece of vinyl. For use as a guest bed or everyday bed? Highly recommended.

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Cheap Twin Air Mattress With Built In Pump

Intex Deluxe Pillow Rest Raised Airbed
If you want to spend less than $50 for a temporary twin air bed that has the convenience of a built in pump, the Intex Deluxe Pillow Rest is the best you can get.

The raised edges are a good feature to keep you comfortably tucked in the middle of the air mattress. The built in pillow rest is all right if you don’t have pillows, and keeps your pillow in place if you have one.

It’s comfortable enough for a few nights sleep though I wouldn’t use this over a long period myself, as I felt that it didn’t offer enough support.

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If you have space you may want to consider a queen air mattress with built in pump instead of a twin. Queen air mattresses are not much more expensive than twin size air mattresses. You can find more recommendations in my best air mattress reviews page.